Pablo Echevarria

New students

There are no testing classes, if you want to take a class with me, you must observe the beginning of the class. Contact me before coming, 15 minutes is enough.


I started with Iyengar Yoga in Argentina in 2005 with Marina Chaselon. When he moved to Barcelona in 2017 he continued his practice with Rachele di Fino. The practice focuses on the correct posture and asanas, observing and raising awareness of the being as a whole.

Regular classes

  • Tuesday 8:15 – 9:15 (on line)
  • Friday 18:30 – 20:00
  • Saturday 10:00 – 11:30

Please arrive  15 minutes before the beginning of the class


  • All levels
  • In English
  • All necessary materials are in the studio (mats, bolsters, etc)
  • Please be quiet
  • TURN OFF your phone
  • The yoga room is on the base floor, go through the glass door

Dress code: In the Iyengar method we use our eyes as a tool to observe and make sure that the body parts are positioned properly, it’s advisable to wear short clothes or body tight clothes.

It’s recommended to perform yoga positions on an empty stomach. Wait for at least 4 hours after eating a heavy meal, and wait an hour after eating a very light meal.
For Women – Please inform the teacher prior to the beginning of class if you are on your period.

Please notify us before starting the class, if there is any physical problem or any other physical restriction (Pregnancy, high/low blood pressure, heart disease, eye problems, back pains, knee pains, etc).

And most importantly!

The yoga practice is aimed to get you in good health and make you feel good. Part of the positions are difficult and should be worked out gently and gradually. Don’t compete with yourself or with others; Listen to your body and be patient.

Being persistent in practice will lead to progress, but wrong practice could cause injuries.
Keep up with these instructions and you will be able to get the greatest benefit embodied in yoga!


Monthly €45 ( once a week any day)

The payment of the fee is monthly. Fees are paid from 1 to 10 at the beginning of each month. Once the fee has been paid it will not be refunded.

From September 1st to the end of June, fees must be paid for EACH full MONTH without exception.

Only partial payments (for classes taken) will be considered during the summer months of July and/or August.

In absence, the student must PAY THE FEE and the classes can not be RECOVERED.

The situation will be considered individually in case of prolonged absences (more than 2 months).

Contact Information

+49 (0)178 1433 827